петак, 07. септембар 2012.

Napalm Raid - Mindless Nation (2012)

                          CRUST/D-BEAT( Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)                                                                        DOWNLOAD

четвртак, 09. август 2012.

среда, 07. март 2012.

Contravene - The Ways of Oppression Discography - 2011

Contravene was a punk band from the U.S., formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1999. Often described as "peace punk," "anarcho-punk" or "crust," the band had a strong anarchist message of human rights, animal rights, and primitivism. Download

уторак, 14. фебруар 2012.

среда, 08. фебруар 2012.

Партия & Agathocles- Crust’N’Grind Protest (2012)

 Партия is a Crust/Punk from Minsk(Belarus) Agathocles is a MinceCore/GrindCore band from Belgium!!! DOWNLOAD