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Luta Armada - Rawpunk 4 Life! (2010)

Luta Armada is a rawpunk band from Poá, East Side of São Paulo, Brazil. We were formed in 1996 and since the beginning our intentions are the diffusion of the punk culture and its values, all band members are involved with local punk productions such as organizing gigs, editing zines or running labels and distros... Everything we do is done by the most sincere D.I.Y. spirit, since the first chords played, videos recorded or the artworks for patches and shirts 'till a record being released or a show being organized... everything we release is made by punx and today, almost 15 years passed, we are more than proud to say that it's IS possible to stay punk and to 
stay true... and so we are here, keeping the flames burning!!!                                                         DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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